Jigsaw Chest

This stunning chest of draws has been created from a variety of English Timbers (Yew, Oak, Ash, Lime, London Plain, Chestnut, Cherry, Beech, Sycamore) all sourced from less then five miles from my workshop in West Chiltington, the only draw not to come from Sussex is the smallest draw which is Bog Oak from the Fens in Cambridgeshire where I sourced the trees straight from the farm!

I have used a technique called Kerfing to create the bends in the top. Each draw has been fitted with soft close draw runners for smooth opening and closing, the base of the draws are made from Cedar of Lebanon because it naturally repels clothes moths and wood boring insects. Each draw is made from solid oak which has been carefully dove tailed together. The Chest in the photos is 1630mm Wide 910mm High and 590mm deep. But these draws can be made in any dimension.

Steam Bent Chestnut Bridge

This Steam bent Chestnut Bridge was comissioned to replace an existing rotten footbrdge. The existing bridge was fairly standard in design. 

The client wanted a statement piece to replace the existing bridge. 

We are so pleased with the outcome of the bridge and the fact that it also won the “Say It With Wood – Spring Chestnut Challenge” earlier this year.  

Freehand Steam Bent Bench

The free hand bench is created using local brown oak and green ash.

The inspiration for this piece came from walk in a Nutbourne where there is a willow plantation. In the strong wind these trees were whipping round to give the curved shape similar to the ribbons on this bench.

The bench has been created using free hand steam bending; there is no use of a former in the creation of the bench. The wood is allowed to dictate the amount it bends and therefore the shape it forms.

Other materials can be used in the bench: e.g. oak, maple, walnut, yew

Dimensions, H x W x L  900x 700x 1200 mm

Orchard Shelves

This organic structure is made out of Oak for the “branches” and Brown Oak for the shelves, both sourced locally to us in West Sussex.

They were inspired by an orchard close to the workshop in Pulborough in the Winter time.

The Green Oak “branches” have been steam bent to create the smooth curves.

The shelves are 2 meters long, 1.8 meters high and 25 cm wide

As with most of my work, they can be made in various heights, widths and timbers to create an eye catching room divider or an attention seeking shelving unit!

Arc Table and Chairs

As featured in the “The Times” and runner up in the Young Crafts Man of the Year.

The chair and table were designed and created as part of Henry’s major project at University.

Created using free hand steam bending there is no formers used to create the bent arms and back of the chair or legs of the table. The use of this free hand bending technique has enabled a very comfortable seating position.

Both the table and the chairs are made from Local Beech and Sussex Oak

Kerfed Oak Bed

This bed is the perfect combination of luxury style and comfort. It was designed to celebrate the superb quality of Oak from English Woodlands. This is shown through the unique design – using 500 mm wide boards to showcase the full beauty of the grain. A bonus feature from a practical perspective is that the bed can easily be assembled and disassembled – so it can be built in even the most inaccessible bedrooms.

The bed is made using a technique called Kerfing. By removing small sections of timber from what will become the corners it means Henry can create smooth steam bent corners from one single 500 mm wide plank of Oak. The interior of the bed is made from pine slatted base to provide ultimate support. The bed is finished in an attractive durable hard wax oil creating a winning combination with the English Oak.

Skeiling Bed

Bird Boxes

The bird boxes all have oak outer shells that has been kerfed and steambent to create their unique shape. The centres are made from a variety of hardwoods including oak, ash, sycamore, chestnut, apple, walnut and elm.

Pendulum Chair

This Steam bent oak chair is made using a single board of timer to celebrate the grain and enhance the simple form. The oak for this chair came from West Chiltington, Sussex.

Rocking Stool

A super fun stool created using a single wide board of Sussex Oak- don’t get caught out though it doesn’t have any stops!

Bespoke Front Doors, Gate and Windows


Dove Table

The Dove Table has an English Ash and Oak top and English Oak legs. The benches use the same combination of wood.

The table is perfect for small spaces, as the top can slide off the “Dove” tail joints and the benches fit neatly underneath.

For those with larger space, chairs are available. Please contact Henry with your requirements.

Oak Bench

Bar Stool

Coffee Tables

Embercombe Table

Kerfed Dog Bed

Chicken House